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ThermoTweak is no longer operational.

Temperature Swing Limiter


Does your Nest Learning Thermostat™ sometimes leave your home too warm or cold?

By default, the Nest Thermostat uses a temperature differential (or maintenance band) of 1°F, which means the temperature in your home will swing a full 2°.

Waiting for the temp to drop or climb 2° could often leave your house feeling too hot, humid, and stuffy or too chilly to be comfortable.


How can ThermoTweak help?

ThermoTweak works with Nest to monitor your thermostat(s) and can automatically adjust your thermostat to maintain a 0.5°F differential.

That's a smaller temp swing of just 1°, so your home will stay closer to the temperature you actually want!

ThermoTweak is a cloud service. Once you sign up and activate your thermostat(s), there's no need to give it a second thought.

Advanced Scheduler

Do you need more detailed control of your Nest Thermostat's schedule?

ThermoTweak's Advanced Scheduler lets you set your HVAC mode, set temperatures, and set fan run times with complete flexibility!

There's also a "force temperature" action that's perfect for setting a temperature when your Nest may be in Eco mode, so you can return to a perfectly comfortable home!

It also lets you create multiple schedules per thermostat! For example, you can set up separate "Summer" and "Winter" schedules, or switch to a "Vacation" schedule while you're out of town.

ThermoTweak's Advanced Scheduler also works perfectly alongside with your Nest Thermostat, so you can even use it just to supplement your existing settings and schedules!

I built ThermoTweak because I needed it myself. I bought Nest Thermostats for my home and loved many of the “smart” features (especially the remote sensors to target specific rooms), but the temp swing made my house very uncomfortable.

I was on the verge of returning them and going back to my “dumb” thermostats, which had 0.5°F temperature differentials and were more effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature.

As a web/app developer, though, I decided to explore their developer offerings and see if I could fix the problem myself. ThermoTweak has been monitoring and adjusting my thermostats and my house is back to being fully comfortable.

ThermoTweak may also get additional functionality in the future, as well. For example, I'd love to be able to set more specific start/stop times for my temperature sensors, but their current API doesn't support that just yet. Stay tuned!

If you have other issues with your Nest and you'd like to know if it's something I could fix with a new ThermoTweak feature, please don't hesitate to contact me!